Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: The website scadainfo.com provides knowledge and resources on SCADA systems.

What types of information are available on scadainfo.com?

A: scadainfo.com provides news and updates, technical resources, best practices, and research on SCADA.

Who ought to utilize scadainfo.com?

A: scadainfo.com is meant for system administrators, network engineers, security analysts, and other IT and OT professionals working in the field of SCADA and ICS security.

How much does it cost to use scadainfo.com?

A: No, scadainfo.com is a free resource that may be accessed and utilized by anyone.

Can I submit content to scadainfo.com?

Yes, scadainfo.com encourages submissions of SCADA and ICS security-related news, articles, and other resources. Please contact us for additional information on how to submit content.

Does scadainfo.com belong to a certain corporation or organization?

A: scadainfo.com is an independent resource unaffiliated with any one business or group.

How frequently is scadainfo.com’s content updated?

A: The information on scadainfo.com is updated frequently to guarantee that it is current and correct.

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